Andris Water Heater

Andris Water Heater

Introducing Andris - a masterpiece in electric storage water heaters that’s a real class apart.

Every day is an opportunity unknown and the beginning of something beautiful. To make the most of your day, all you need is a great energetic start to your morning.

For the last 50 years, Racold, the leading specialist in geysers and water heaters, has helped you begin your day with that spurt of refreshing energy in style. With the Andris geyser, that style has evolved into art.

The exquisitely crafted Andris geyser, designed by world renowned Italian designer Umberto Palermo, is his vision of elegant and stylish design for bath spaces in India. The unique square design, state-of-the-art features and affordable price tag makes this stunning water heater an unbeatable value for money.

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  • 5 Star Saving

    A 5-star rated product. It has a high-density & thick PUF that ensures energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills.

  • Italian Art Designed By Umberto Palermo

    Designed by Umberto Palermo, iconic product design expert from Italy, Andris exudes a rare combination of performance coupled with style.

  • Titanium Enamel Self-Cleaning Heating Element

    For efficiency, strength, low energy consumption and longer life.

  • Flexomix

    The unique inlet flow controls the system & helps to deliver energy efficiency by producing 10% more hot water than traditional water heaters.

  • Thermal Stability Device

    This Double Function feature connected to the thermostat enables energy saving, comfort & safety.

  • Temperature Regulation Knob

    Helps regulate heating of water as per need.

  • Titanium tank

    Specially designed Titanium steel with Titanium enamel coating gives the tank extreme intensity and durability.