Electric Storage water Heater

Compact and sleek designed water heaters that blend beautifully with interiors. Bring Home one & ensure express delivery of hot water!

Racold’s Electric Storage Water Heaters - for Safety and Functionality

From that first splash of refreshing hot water that hits you Racold assures you consistency and refreshment with every drop. The advanced technology that the country’s largest electric water heater manufacturer employs with every product features innovations in the field along with high-quality materials to ensure that the storage water geyser you buy will not only last long but will consistently provide you and your family with the best possible results.
The new line of Racold Electric storage Geysers are performance advanced and aesthetically crafted to fit into your bathroom without being an eyesore. From functionality to styling and colours, Racold’s Electric Water Heaters and Electric storage Geyser range are a holistic approach to your hot water needs.

Elegant and aesthetically designed Electric Storage Water Heaters

Racold has crafted their Storage electric water Heaters/geysers with an Italian design to give your bathroom an added touch of class. These storage water heaters also ensure that the elements used in construction are of the best.


High- end features for the modern day Electric storage Geyser

Thanks to Racold’s Max 8 feature, featured in most of the electric storage water heater models, each of these devices makes it extremely dependable to withstand high pressures suited for pressure pump applications and perfect for high-rise buildings. With added high-density Polyurethane Foam (PUF) insulation, internal heat and temperature are retained allowing for these electric water heaters be more energy efficient. Other features incorporated in some of the products in the electric storage water heater and geyser lines include Intelligent Timers. The electric water storage heaters are also designed using non-corrosive materials that make up the outer shell. These specially chosen materials will prevent the device from rusting thereby extending the life of the heater to quite an extent.


Safety and the Electric Storage Geyser

Not only are the Racold electric storage water heaters and geysers filled with interesting and innovative features, they’re also designed to be extremely safe to use. Some of the products in this series are equipped with up to three levels of safety features that protect the device and users from high temperatures and pressure. While ensuring that the device itself is safe for prolonged use, these storage water Heaters and geysers are also equipped with anti-bacteria filters that will help keep your family safe too ensuring a healthy lifestyle.


Racold’s Electric storage Geyser Guarantee

The Company offers a variety of guarantees - 2 years on the products themselves, 3-4 years on heating elements and 5-7 years in the inner tank or container (depending on the product).