It is fast, safe, and stylish! This electric instant water heater has the perfect combination for all your needs.
The Pronto Pro is an instant water heater that not only provides you with hot water, but also beautifies your bathroom with its unique design.

Pronto Pro’s technologically advanced features such as a faster heating system, siphoning system, high-pressure resistance and safety valve feature make it an ideal model as an instant water heater.

  1. Faster heating- The high-power heating element ensures you get hot water in no time.
  2. Safety- Provides three levels of safety against high temperature and pressure.
  3. Designed in Italy, and crafted in India- A rare combination of technology and style.

Product: 2 years

Heating Element: 2 years 

Inner Tank: 5 years 

Rating: NA

MRP: 4849.00000 ₹. 4849

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Color Options:

  • Product: 2 years
  • Heating element: 2 years
  • Inner Tank: 5 years

Frequently Asked Questions

This instant geyser is only available 3 L capacity.

Yes, Racold’s Pronto Pro water geyser comes with 3 levels of safety against high temperature and pressure. 

Racold’s Pronto Pro can withstand high pressure, thus making it suitable for high-rise buildings.

Racold’s Pronto Pro Electric geyser is available online in metallic violet colour.


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