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Platinum Plus

Platinum Plus

Every day is an opportunity unknown and the beginning of something beautiful. To make the most of your day, all you need is a great, energetic start to your morning.
Platinum Plus is a unique combination of exquisite, space saving design and excellent performance, with a high power 3kW heating element and Titanium enamel coating. Platinum is light weight and aesthetic, suitable for High rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications.

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  • 33% faster

    The High power 3kW heating element ensures you get hot water in no time

  • Italian Design

    Elegant Italian Design with a rare combination of technology and style

  • Titanium Plus

    Titanium Enamel coating provides extreme protection from corrosion, compression and pressure resistance

  • High Pressure Resistance

    Its High pressure withstanding capacity (8 Bar) makes it suitable for high-rise building and high pressure pump applications

  • Safety Plus

    Provides three levels safety against high temperature and pressure with thermostat, cut out and safety value

  • Five star Rating

    A five-star rated product, it has high density and thick PUF that ensures energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills

  • Compact Design

    Larger capacities come in compact designs with smaller heights