On-demand life is where there is no waiting. For modern times like these, here’s Aures – No Wait Water Heater that is an online instanteneous water heater. It provides instant hot water at multiple outlets simultaneously, thanks to its high-power heating element.

  • Lightning Fast Heating - Equipped with high-powered heating elements, this electric instant water heater provides hot water instantaneously.
  • Continuous Hot Water - Experience uninterrupted hot water no matter how long you choose to bathe with this instant water geyser.
  • Consistent Warmth – Seamless water heating temperature for an uninterrupted bathing experience.
  • Product: 2 years

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MRP: 8999.00000 ₹. 8999

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Lightning Fast Heating

Equipped with a high-power heating element, this instant water geyser provides hot water instantaneously

Continuous Hot Water

Experience continuous hot water for an uninterrupted shower

Consistent Warmth

No fluctuation in water heating temperature for a seamless bathing experience

Super Compact and Lightweight Design

Super-compact utilitarian design for modern urban bath spaces that takes up the least space on your wall and gives you instant hot water

Multipoint Usage

Experience uninterrupted hot water flow at multiple points. *Multipoint Usage is when one product caters to multiple outlet connections, subject to structural and architectural suitability


Frequently Asked Questions

Before buying this product ensure that your house has the following:

  • 3 Core Wire 4 Sq. mm Wire
  • 32 Amp. MCB

For free installation, please call contact us on our customer care number.

Aures, No-Wait water heater is the recipient of the highest number of National Energy Conservation Awards. These awards are a reflection of this product’s energy efficiency.

Racold provides a wide range of electric instant water heaters for various purposes. These online instantaneous water heaters are available in 3 variants based on power consumption and digital control.

Tankless water heaters heat water as you use it, thus, delivering instant hot water on demand. This makes these water geysers energy efficient and helps save on energy costs.

The design of the Aures - No Wait Water Heater is a super compact build and lightweight that takes the least space on your wall.

The Aures range of electric instant water heaters caters to multiple outlet connections for simultaneous use in multiple bathrooms or even kitchen subject to structural and architectural suitability.


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