Instant electric water heater

Compact and sleek designed water heaters that blend beautifully with interiors. Bring Home one & ensure express delivery of hot water!

Compact and Feature- Rich Instant Electric Water Heaters

In this day and age of instant interaction, instant connectivity and fast paced lifestyles the Instant Water Heater or Instant Electric Geyser is just what the doctor ordered. Just like high-speed Broadband enables us to watch videos without buffering, we can now take a hot water shower without any waiting; perfect for those days when you’re running a bit late, isn’t it? The Instant electric water heater from Racold’s new series, are designed for those always on the go and prefer to have things on hand at the flick of a switch. The Instant Geyser is the perfect home appliance that will reduce time spent in the bath and have you refreshed in just a few moments.

The Compact but Stylish Instant Water Heater

Racold’s range of Instant Water Heaters and Instant Water Electric Geysers occupy minimal space and still manage to look good. Crafted in an elegant Italian styling, these instant geysers feature a perfect blend of style infused with all the relevant technology that makes Racold a leading manufacturer of instant water heaters in India. It can easily be positioned in any bathroom without looking like an eyesore thanks to the warm but basic colour schemes.


A Feature- Rich Instant Electric Geyser

All models included under Racold’s Instant Water Heater Range come equipped with a set of rather innovative and relevant features which makes them serious contenders for your choice of instant water heaters. These heaters feature a high-powered heating element designed to give you instant hot water without wasting any time. Along with this speed, the heaters also come pre-loaded with a capacity to withstand high water pressure up to 6.5 bar, which works seamlessly especially if you reside in a high-rise building or in an area that uses high-pressure pump applications.
With their Stem-type thermostats and cutout features, these instant electric water geysers simplify your lifestyle by automating the process of controlling the temperature while employing an extra measure of safety as an added precaution. The third level of safety comes from the safety valve.
Thanks to Racold’s anti-syphon system included with their line of instant geysers, the process of dry-heating is avoided to a large extent as the mechanism is specially designed to prevent the back-flow of water from the main container.


The Racold Instant Electric Water Heater Guarantee

Racold ensures that their consumers are never too far from servicing and maintenance or repairs for their instant water heater/geyser units thanks to their dedicated team of service technicians available on a nationwide basis and strategically located.
Racold also offers a 2-year guarantee on the product with 2 years on the heating elements and 5 years in the inner tank.