Easy Control and Energy Saving with a single touch

With the new Racold Net App, management and monitoring of your Omnis Wi-Fi has never been so easy and comfortable

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Easy control

Control your water heater from anywhere and anytime

Switch on and off always at your fingertips

Smartly schedule your bath with this easy and intuitive app

Set desired temperature to customize your bath

Energy Saving

Track and Monitor your electricity consumption and save upto 30% electricity through smart features

Save energy through self-learning Eco function without compromise on comfort
*Under test conditions. Savings percentage may vary depending on model and place.

Peace of Mind

Hot Water Notification Received Via Racold Net App

Auto Diagnosis function with real time notification incase of product malfunction

Detailed error description to enable an immediate solution and ensure complete safety of you and your family

Real time update on hot water availability


How to use Racold Net

Introducing Racold Net App equipped with
India’s first Smart Control Technology

Racold Net App for Omnis Wi-Fi Water Heater
Omnis Wi-Fi Water Heater Operated with Racold Net App

Introducing Omnis Wi-Fi, an advanced water heater range, equipped with Smart control technology. Using the Racold Net app, you can remotely control your Omnis Wi-Fi and be reborn every day.