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Heater Hitesh - Omnis Wi-Fi

A hot shower at the perfect temperature often washes away our troubles. But how does one wash away the troubles of arriving at the perfect temperature every time you take a shower?

In Racold’s new campaign, “Don’t be a Heater Hitesh’, the need for an accurate water temperature left Hitesh and his younger son, Mitesh in a fix. The act of using ice and boiling hot water, both in appropriate proportions caused them quite a hassle every morning.

An easy solution to this displeasing situation is revealed when the older son, Mitesh brings home a Racold Omnis Wi-Fi water heater with Wi-Fi Connect. This smart water heater can be controlled directly from your phone using the Racold Net mobile application. The comfort of attaining the right temperature for your showers is now in your hands. This Wi-Fi driven smart water heater allows you to schedule showers at the desired temperature from anywhere, any time! Paresh is the knight in shining armor who comes to the rescue of his family using modern ways to heat water.