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TV Commercial 2020

We spend most of our waking moments making decisions. Decisions, whether small or big, tend to have some impact on our life. More often than not, the decisions that we make are impulsive instead of being well-thought-out. What most of us fail to understand is that a person needs clarity of thought to enable him to make a decision. And what better than a hot shower to help you think clearly and make a logical decision?

Drawing from this insight, we at Racold launched a new integrated marketing campaign titled #ShowerDecision. It brought to light the transformative power of a hot shower and resonated with the brand’s idea of being reborn every day with hot water.

As a part of this campaign, consumers shared their #ShowerDecision by simply logging on to our microsite and uploading a video or a picture with the #ShowerDecision that impacted their life. The most inspiring stories won a swanky washroom makeover by Racold, other exciting prizes such as PAYTM wallet cash * and Amazon coupons worth Rs. 500*.

This integrated marketing campaign was launched on television, radio and digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.