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Depending on your needs, inquire about self-cleaning units, product efficiency ratings, first-hour hot water delivery and recovery time, and automatic shut off valves. Self-cleaning units automatically fight lime and sediment build-up to lengthen tank life and maintain peak efficiency for a longer period of time. Recovery speed is the amount of time it takes to heat a full tank of water. If you tend to use a lot of hot water, look for a model with a fast recovery speed. An automatic shut off valve helps prevent fires by shutting off the flow of gas on the ground or the gas flow experiences a sudden, sizeable increase.
Solar water heaters last for more than 8 years. Electric water heaters last for more than 5 years and gas water heaters last for more than 3 years.*
*Conditions apply
For electric and gas geysers, no permits are required. However, for installation of solar geysers permission is required from the society.
Consider fuel source (solar, gas or electricity), domestic or industrial usage, storage capacity, warranty, service, availability, number of members in your family and amount of hot water requirement of your family.
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Racold is India’s most trusted brand of water heaters from the house of Ariston, with a portfolio of premium quality products that cover the entire spectrum of water heating solutions. Check Electric Instant Geysers, Electric Storage Geysers, Online Instantaneous Geysers, Gas Geysers, Solar Geysers, Heat Pump Geysers
Here are several signs that may indicate that you require a new water heater:
a. Water build-up in or around the area of your water heater may suggest a leak.
b. The unit no longer provides the same temperature or duration of hot water as it had in the past.
In case of emergency:
1. Turn off the gas or electric heater.
2. Turn off the water supply.
3. Drain water heater (if necessary).
The required capacity depends up on the type of usage and the number of persons that will require hot water at the same time.
Usually, the amount of hot water at bathing temperature you get is double the capacity of the product.
For instance, 15 L product will be sufficient for a family in which 2-3 persons require hot water for bath at the same time or in close time sequence while 25 L products will be suited for a family in which 3-4 persons will require hot water at the same time.
Racold has the large range of capacities under various product lines to meet your needs.
Our Recommendations: Eterno & Andris Lux Plus
For kitchen usage, 1 & 3 ltrs is sufficient
Our Recommendations: Pronto Neo & Pronto Stylo
Choose the mounting type depending upon your available space where you want to install the water heater.
If the space between the place where product to be and ceiling is low, then horizontal products are recommended as it has a lower vertical length compared to the same capacity vertical product. But if there is no space constraint then vertical products are better suited as they are more energy efficient.
If you go for horizontal mounting, then look for the inlet outlet pipes provision in your plumbing system if its right hand side, left hand side, centre pipe etc. For instance, if both the inlet and outlet pipes are on the right then choose a right hand horizontal product.
Racold has various range of mounting types to suit your requirement and space constraints.
Our recommendation: Eterno, Andris Lux Plus, Andris Slim, and CDR
The choice of product depends upon the place where the product will be installed.
If the product is to be installed on the wall of a nice looking bathroom, then the choice should be a good looking product which enhances the look and feel of bathroom.
If the product is to be installed on a false ceiling, then a simple looking product which has a robust performance should be chosen.

Our recommendation: Eterno, Andris Lux Plus and CDR
Branded products are made of standard quality materials making the products safe and reliable to meet your needs. It gives you hassle-free functioning and performance so that you need not worry about getting hot water to meet your needs.
With branded products also come good customer support & services along with warranty.
In a nutshell, the trusted brand gives you a peace of mind.
Racold has been recognized as ‘India’s Most Trusted Water Heater Brand’ 2016 by Trust Research Advisory (TRA)
Protective coats like Titanium Enamel and SPHP coatings are best suited to protect the product from hard water.
Our Recommendation: Eterno and Andris Lux Plus
The product which minimises energy loss, which happens in the form of standing heat loss, are more energy efficient.
The standing heat loss is measured in the star rating. The star rating is issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) which was set up by government of India under the provision of Energy Conservation Act.
Higher the star, higher is the energy efficiency and thus, saves more energy and money. Racold has been the recipient of the BEE Energy Award for 9 years in a row and multiple MNRE awards over the last few years alone.
Our recommendations: Eterno & Andris Lux Plus
The energy efficient Racold solar water heater recovers the cost of the product in less than 2 years through electricity savings.
Saving Calculation
Electricity consumed to Heat 100 ltrs of water per day 5.12 units
Electricity consumed to Heat 100 ltrs of water for 30 days 153 units (30x5.16)
Electricity consumed to Heat 100 ltrs of water annually (10 months) 1536 units (155x10)
Cost per unit Rs 6.7*
Cost of electricity consumed annually Rs. 10291
Cost of a Racold 100 LPD Solar System Rs 18500*
Payback period 1.8 years

*Might change as per local tariffs
*Might change as per model