About Racold

Born from the house of Ariston, Racold is a brand synonymous with breakthrough innovation, and redefining the category.

Racold has grown to be one of the most trusted water heater brands with an extensive portfolio of premium quality geysers that encompasses the entire spectrum water heating solutions. We have been able to achieve such an expansive range by understanding the changing needs of our consumer.

About Ariston Thermo Group

Ariston Thermo is a global leading company in the water heating and heating industry.

Ariston Thermo is an international company among the leaders in water and environmental heating solutions. The Group develops and provides solutions that use renewable energy, such as thermal solar and heat pumps, with a continuous investment in innovation for the development of increasingly advanced connectivity systems.

Ariston Group has recorded a sale of 7.5 million products in over 150 countries, with 7,400 employees, 70 operating companies and 6 representative offices in 42 countries, 25 production sites in 16 countries and 26 centres of competences and R&D in 15 countries.

The goal of Ariston Thermo is to look to the future of thermal comfort, offering an optimal combination of quality, energy savings and respect for the environment


Racold Geysers are equipped with path-breaking technologies in water heating

As a leader in the water heater industry, we boast of an extensive range of electric, tankless, solar,

gas water heaters and heat pumps. For the last six decades, Racold is a brand synonymous with breakthrough innovation, quality water heating solutions and complete customer satisfaction across all sectors ranging from domestic to commercial to industrial. To further answer our customers' needs, we craft our water heaters in various storage capacities, features, sizes and colours to bring you the best bathing space.

We believe in creating geysers that are not harmful to the environment. This effort of ours has been recognised by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Most of our products, like our electric and instant water heaters, are 5-star rated which helps in cutting down the electricity bills of the consumer and energy preservation as well. Additionally, we offer the best solar water heaters in India that is a reflection of our commitment towards a greener planet.

We have placed energy efficiency at the heart of our sustainable growth strategy and we are deeply committed to energy conservation. The recognition we have received by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) for 10 years bears witness to our dedication towards creating energy-efficient water geysers. Ariston Thermo applies the WCM method at its plants to constantly improve manufacturing productivity as well as ensure product quality.

Moving forward in leaps and bounds, we have further strengthened our reach and access to the remotest corners of the country. By going far and wide at every customer touchpoint, providing convenience on-demand, we offer services wherever and however required!

With 1000+ technicians, 300+ service centres PAN India, Service accessibility in 19,000 pin codes and 1.5 lakh different locations and 24*7 Connected service (Chatbot), we now command a much stronger and long-established presence across the nation.



At the heart of our philosophy lies the strong belief that a hot shower can enable a person to be reborn.

The daily complexities of life, the stress that arises from the smallest of occurrences, coupled with the harsh sun beating down on you, each take their turn to affect the quality of your life. To help reverse this, we at Racold, emphasize the need to rejuvenate yourself every day with the power of hot shower. This philosophy is the driving force that enables us to create water heating solutions with extreme precision and innovation.

Awards Won by Racold India


Saving the environment saved us the top spot

Winning “Appliance of the year, 2020” marks Racold’s 10th victory in Energy Efficiency awarded to us by BEE



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