Gas Hot Water Heater

Compact and sleek designed water heaters that blend beautifully with interiors. Bring Home one & ensure express delivery of hot water!

Racold Gas Water Heater, Plenty of Features and Saves You Money

If you’re looking at true savings on your bill, you might want to consider the Gas Water Heater as a viable option. Perhaps the gas water geyser isn’t the prettiest looking product on the shelf or to have on your bathroom wall, its savings and Racold’s slim styling do make up for that small, lacking aspect. Racold’s Gas Water Heaters in India are available in various capacities. They offer plenty of safety and other relevant features to consumers which make them a premier choice for gas water geysers in the country.

The Gas Water Heater vs The Electric Water Heater

Let’s leave looks out of the equation and focus on the major savings that you’ll get with a Gas Water Geyser as opposed to its electric counterpart. Running at just about Rs. 8 (electric works out to about Rs. 16.5 per day) with a fuel consumption of approximately 0.24 kg per day, the gas geyser can save you as much as 51% on your bill.


A Gas Water Heater with Plenty to Offer

Aside from just saving you money, Racold’s gas water geyser has other handy features to offer consumers. To start off with, the geyser is equipped with three easy to use dials to control temperature, pressure and one that handles the summer/winter function that allows you to adjust the delivery of hot water depending on the season i.e. hot water during winter and warm water during summer. A high-tech, LED display panel will give you a digital readout of the temperature at all times. Racold’s gas water heater offers 85% heating efficiency thanks to the inspired use of imported burners that facilitates complete combustion. The geysers are designed to ensure constant supply of hot water even if the inlet water pressure varies; a built-in auto-timer automatically switches off the water heater after 20 minutes of continuous operations.


A Safe Gas Water Geyser

One of the key features to consider when opting for a gas water geyser is safety. Racold takes the utmost care when it comes to this factor and has included functions to ensure consumer safety. For example, these devices come with a built-in safety feature that works as an auto-protection system in case of gas leaks. They also feature Child Safety features to safeguard younger users from accidents while using the heaters. All of Racold’s gas water heaters/geysers come with the official Indian product certification (isi) quality approval to assure consumers of high-quality performance, safety and reliability. Racold offers a 2-year guarantee on their Gas water heater and leads the way in service support for their products.