Solar commercial water Heater

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The Solar Commercial Water Heater for a Variety of Industries and Sectors

India’s largest manufacturer and seller of water heaters has a very robust offering in the realm of commercial water geysers particularly Solar commercial water Geysers. Racold Solar water heating systems provide turnkey solutions for all types of hot water needs. Our innovation towards reliable and efficient heating technologies is only affirmed with our development in the advancement of our solar commercial water heater.

Solar commercial Geysers and industries

Racold’s Solar commercial water heaters and geysers are designed and developed for a variety of applications like cleaning and washing in Bottling Plants, and various other industries like Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Dairy, Food Processing, Poultry, Textile etc. The Solar geysers are also used to feed water for boilers in various other Industrial applications. Racold provides customized and integrated solutions from their solar commercial water heater range to suite any requirement and we cater to a wide variety of other sectors that include medical and healthcare, hospitality, industrial, and realty.


Racold’s commercial water geyser features

Racold, with constant R&D, is consistently working to create improvements in our Solar geyser products. Hence, design and specifics are constantly undergoing upgrades to deliver a better range of products to the industries and consumers who use our solar commercial geysers.
Today’s new and advanced models of Racold’s solar commercial water heaters feature container welding which is done by machine to ensure that it’s uniform, strong and resistant to corrosion.
The single box structure form is pre-coated with riveted joints to make the solar commercial geysers durable and extremely sturdy. Their specially engineered sandwich design, for the mounting system, enhances safety and also makes the solar geyser so much more reliable.
Ti-Tec, Racold’s special titanium enamelled heating element, gives tour commercial water geyser better protection and a longer life.
A dedicated team of Racold engineers oversee each and every aspect of the projects right from need identification to design commissioning.


Award Winning solar geyser solutions

Racold has received the prestigious award for the “Best Performed Manufacturer on Installation of Solar Water Heaters” for two years in a row by MNRE, Govt. of India.
We have also been associated with the Beijing Olympics (2008) wherein our parent company, Ariston Thermo group, installed water heating systems through Solar commercial Geysers, with a capacity of 8 lakh LPD.


Racold solar commercial water heater guarantees

Racold solar water heaters come with 1-3 year payback periods. We also offer a 7 year guarantee for our commercial water geyser which ensures a long life and hassle-free maintenance. We lead the way in after sales service by providing responses within 48 hours and the use of only genuine Racold spare parts.