How safe are Racold's gas water geysers

How safe are Racold's gas water heaters?

Mounting electricity bills and other popular methods of heating water have led to an increased demand for gas water geysers over the last few years. Gas water heaters are the most efficient water heating systems, even more than electric geysers or instant water heaters. That being said, they are a great way to save on your electricity bill every month.
Gas water geysers are the water heaters that use heat from burning fuel (primarily natural gas) for the purpose of heating water. Hence, they are able to provide a continuous flow of hot water through their ability to immediately heat water. When it comes to efficiency, they do a pretty good job! Gas water heaters come with a faster recovery rate than traditional water geysers thus, making them a convenient option for large families. These water heaters are easy to install and provide significant savings over time.
At Racold, we believe that safety is the most important factor for choosing any gas water heater. Racold’s gas water heaters come with a double solenoid valve which promises twice the safety. It also comes in varying capacities of 6 LPM which are perfect for domestic use. Its constant feedback ensures a continuous supply of hot water if the water pressure varies and its auto-timer automatically switches off the water heater after every 20 minutes of continuous operation.
The Racold PNG Gas Geyser is a feature-packed model with innovative technology, quality, durability, and of course outperform its competitors. This gas geyser is perfect for all your domestic and household chores. It comes with high heating efficiency due to the use of precise and imported burners facilitating the complete combustion.
This gas geyser works on low pressure. This means that it is suitable for areas with low water pressure. Additionally, it is equipped with a Child Lock feature that safeguards against accidents and ensuring safety for children.
Pros of Gas Geysers
• Gas geysers are more economical than electric geysers or water heaters
• It ensures faster heating
• Can run on both LPG and PNG
• You can easily control the level and rate of heating in accordance to your needs
• No electricity is required to run a gas geyser
• Energy efficient
• With gas geysers, your water remains hot for a long time
Cons of Gas Geysers
• Should be installed in a well-ventilated place only
• Shorter lifespan than electric geysers
• Installation is difficult
Precautions to follow with the use of Gas Geysers
• Adequate ventilation is a prerequisite for the installation of gas geysers. Avoid installing it in a confined area such as the bathroom
• Never keep it near explosive, corrosive, or inflammable items, and even near electric wiring
• Check for linking pipes
• Make sure you do not leave the gas geyser on for a long time
• The gas geyser should be kept at a height where the pilot flame is clearly visible
• Make sure you acquaint yourself well before buying a gas geyser online

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