Water Heater Safety Tips

5 Water Heater Safety Tips One Should Know

Water heaters are one of the most common electrical appliances that are used in every home. They are such an integral part of our daily lives that we barely realize how dangerous they can be!

Water heater is a device that involves high temperature, water and electricity at the same time. That means there’s always a chance of mishaps. And that is why we must take necessary precautions to ensure utmost safety.

In this blog, we will provide you with relevant information about the five most important safety measures that you must follow while using a water heater.

Water heater safety tips

Be it an electric or a gas water heater, you must always take the following precautionary measures:

1. Monitor the temperature settings regularly

As much as you enjoy a hot shower, using extremely hot water is never a good idea. It is recommended to set your water temperature at 45-50 degrees Celsius. Make sure you keep checking the settings once in a while so that even if someone else changes it by mistake, you can fix it.

Monitor the temperature of Water Heater as a safety measure

2. Do not keep any combustible substance near the geyser

You must never keep flammable objects like petrol or diesel can, matchbox, lighter etc close to your water heater as it can lead to hazardous situations. Especially in the case of a gas geyser, you must avoid placing combustible substances anywhere around the water heater.

As a safety measure Don’t keep combustible substance near the geyser

3. Ensure adequate ventilation facility

If you have a gas water heater in your bathroom, make sure it is installed in a well-ventilated area. Proper ventilation is necessary as unwanted gas leakage can prove to be fatal. Even if you have an electric water heater, it is a good idea to inspect its vents once in a while.

4. Schedule regular servicing of your geyser

Just like you plan the servicing of your car, it is extremely important that you adhere to timely maintenance of your water heater by scheduling its servicing every six months. This will help you to spot potential faults before they lead to hazardous accidents.

4. Seek professional assistance for installation

Installing a water heater requires professional expertise and deciding to do it on your own is never a good idea. Reach out to company authorized personnel to get your new water heater installed safely.

Bonus Water Geyser Safety tips:

Do not leave the water heater switched on for too long. It is not only risky but is also a waste of electricity. That’s why the Racold Omnis Wi-Fi geyser comes with a knob on it that can be used to switch it off as soon as possible. It is also connected to the Racold Net app so that the user can turn the power on or off from anywhere and at anytime.

If you have been using your water heater since long and its efficiency seems to be deteriorating, get it replaced with a new one.

Racold: One of the safest water heater brands in India

Even after following all the safety tips and taking necessary precautions, there’s a chance that you could encounter an unwanted incident if your water heater isn’t safe. That’s why it is important to select a premium quality water geyser that is carefully designed for your safety and convenience.

Safest Range of Water Heaters in India

We’d like to introduce you to Racold, the most trusted brand for water heaters in India. Racold prioritizes safety over everything else and here’s why you can count on their water geysers

1. Three levels of safety

In most of their electric water heaters, Racold incorporates three levels of safety against high temperature and pressure by way of thermostat, cutout and safety valve.

2. Anti-Syphon system

Racold’s electric water heaters are equipped with an Anti-Syphoning System to avoid dry heating and provide the assurance of safety.

3. Oxygen depleting sensor

In the ODS Eco gas water heater, Racold has further upgraded its safety level with an exceptional feature. The Oxygen Depleting Sensor automatically switches off the geyser if it detects the oxygen level to be lower than usual.

4. Smart flow sensor

Another feature that adds to the safety of Racold’s gas water heater is its Smart Flow Sensor. This sensor does not allow the burner to ignite unless it detects a flow of water. This helps to prevent dry heating in your geyser.

5. Isolated safe condenser

In their domestic heat pump water heater, Racold ensures utmost protection by complying with the European standards of safety.

6. Smart Float

In their Alpha range of solar water heaters, Racold incorporates a unique Smart Float feature to prevent long air vents and encourage safe usage.


We are sure you now have a fair understanding of the safety measures that are required to be taken while using a water heater. Provided you follow all the precautions, water geysers are completely safe for you and your family.

If you’re looking for the safest water heater for your bathroom, check out the details of Racold water geysers on their website.

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