How to choose a perfect water geyser for your home?

How do I choose a water heater for my home?

Water heaters are an absolute essential. Imagine those long days that end with a hot but relaxing shower. Absolutely delightful, isn’t it? So, we have to ask, is it easier to manually heat water or just turn on the tap to bathe in hot, refreshing water?
Now in order for something like this to occur, it is important to make the right choice while purchasing a water heater. The choice between an electric water heater or an iinstantaneous water heater and an eco-friendly solar water heater can be made once you know what exactly you’re looking for in a water heater. Several things should be taken into consideration before buying a geyser-like capacity & size, space available, etc. So, to make the right decision, let’s consider your needs one by one.
Let’s start by looking at the size of your family. This is an essential step as knowing the number of people using hot water, especially at peak hours helps determine what kind of water heater suits you best. If it’s just you and another person who enjoy hot water, then we suggest that you opt for an instant water heater. This kind of a heater doesn’t come with any storage unit and so it provides hot water on demand while canceling out the need to store hot water for later use. Moreover, this kind of water heater is easy to fit in your bathroom or kitchen as they are designed for compact spaces. If your family exceeds four members then you should consider a storage water heater that comes in various sizes. Choose a storage water heater depending on the size of your family.
But that’s not all. When you pick a water heater, also consider the application of hot water. By this, we mean that list the ways in which you use hot water. Ask yourself questions like, do you prefer a shower or a bucket bath? Or the number of utensils you wash? Or even if you have a bathtub that needs to be filled with hot water. Now, these are things you have to consider while finalizing a water heater. In such cases, consider getting a geyser that has multiple hot water outlets just like the Racold Aures water heater.
An important factor to consider while buying a water heater is the area or state in which you live for two reasons. The first reason is the kind of water that runs through your pipes and the weather. In the case of hard water, you should be aware of the chemicals that cause your water heater to corrode and give way before time. So in order to stop this from happening, get yourself a water heater that comes with a corrosion-resistant layer or as in the case of Racold’s range of electric water heaters, Titanium Plus Technology that ensures high durability and superior withstanding capacity through its specially designed titanium steel tank with titanium enamel coating and titanium enamel heating element. As for the weather, keep in mind the climate of your region. A sunny region will make it ideal to opt for a solar water heater. Similarly, a colder area will require a bigger storage unit as you and your family will use more hot water. Consider the Omnis Wi-Fi enabled water heater that has real-time updates that sends you a notification in the case of a malfunction. But more importantly, the Wi-Fi feature allows you to control your water heater from anywhere and at any time. With this feature, you can pre-set the time and temperature of your shower, read energy consumption reports, etc. Moreover, especially in the case of hard water, ensure that your geyser comes with Silver Ion Technology that cleanses your water of bacteria and makes it healthier.
Considering the weather is another important aspect as it affects your energy consumption. Energy-efficiency is a factor that most people consider while settling for a water heater. In the case of a solar water heater, your geyser relies on the sun’s rays to provide hot water. But in the case of other heaters like an instant water heater, heat pump water heater or gas water heater all of them depend on electricity to function. The last thing you want is for your electricity bill to increase because of your geyser. So, take a look at the BEE star rating of every water heater. This will help you make your choice. Racold’s Omnis Wi-Fi is loaded with energy-saving features like Smart Bath Logic, Eco function, and energy consumption report which gives huge energy saving compared to conventional water heaters. Omnis has a unique Eco Function which constantly learns your usage habits and optimizes the temperature accordingly to save energy. Smart Bath Logic feature that learns your bathing patterns and constantly optimizes the water temperature. This enables you to save a 30% of electricity.
So, at the end of the day, let your choice of a water heater not be a rushed one but a well-thought-out one.

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