Electric instantaneous water heater in India

Benefits of Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters

From doing your exercise to making breakfast and getting ready for your office, mornings are always filled with a plethora of essential tasks to be done. Amidst the hustle-bustle of these everyday errands, you barely have time to keep waiting for hot water in the shower. Hence, we bring you the Aures range of electric instantaneous water heaters to ensure a refreshing start to your day!

Instantaneous water heaters are the ones that provide you with an immediate supply of hot water. They are widely preferred as they offer multiple benefits.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the working mechanism of instantaneous water heaters. We will also get you acquainted with the advantages of installing such kinds of water heaters in your home.

What are Instantaneous Water Heaters?

Instantaneous water heaters are also known as tankless water heaters. They are highly efficient geysers that supply hot water without the need for a storage tank. Here, water is heated as and when needed instead of being heated and stored to be used later.

As soon as you turn on the tap, cold water flows into the water heater. Then the water comes in contact with a heating element and its temperature begins to rise up. Finally, hot water begins to pour out through an outlet pipe. All this happens within a couple of seconds!

Now that you’ve understood what are electric instantaneous water heaters, let’s explore their benefits!

Benefits of Instantaneous Water Heaters

Electric Instantaneous water heaters are very well suited to all kind families that have an average hot water requirement. These water heaters are also appreciated by office-going people who are always in a hurry and look for swiftness in their routine. Here’s why electric instantaneous water heaters are a perfect choice for your home:

1. Energy efficiency

As mentioned earlier, electric instant water heaters heat water as and when needed within a couple of seconds. There is no heat loss during storage, as these water heaters do not have hot water storage tanks for later use unlike the electric storage water heaters. This helps in saving energy and lowering your electricity bills. Racold’s Aures range of electric instantaneous water heaters are equipped temperature regulation feature that further adds to energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient instant water heater

2. Quick heating

Now, imagine you woke up in the morning as soon as your alarm went off. Everything goes as per schedule, until you step into the bathroom. When you turn on the tap, there’s no hot water. Five minutes later, you are surprised to see that the water is still cold and before you know it, 20 minutes have gone by waiting for hot water. So, to save your precious time, Racold’s Aures range of instantaneous water heaters come with a high-powered heating element that heats water at a lightning fast pace.


3. Compact size

One of the biggest plus points of instantaneous water heaters is that they do not require bulky tanks. They are compact and do not occupy too much space on your wall. In fact, Racold’s range of instantaneous water geysers have especially been designed to enhance the look of your urban bathing space.

Compact Size

4. Multipoint Usage

Electric instantaneous water heaters are equipped with a high-powered heating element that ensures hot water with continuous flow and consistent temperature. This makes it suitable for multipoint usage across your home for applications in bathrooms, kitchens and other utility areas.

Thus, investing in an instantaneous water heater is worth it!

Bring home the Aures range of electric instantaneous water heaters to ensure energetic mornings every day. Visit Racold’s website to check all the details now.

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