Range of Racold electric water geysers

Best in Class Heating and Safety with Racold Electric Instant Geysers

Electric geysers are commonly used appliances in Indian households. From bathing to washing the dishes, electric water geysers are used for various purposes. They have become such a habitual part of your daily life that you may not pay attention to their safety aspect.

However, installing a safe electric geyser is important to avoid chances of mishaps and unwanted accidents. In this blog, we will emphasize the importance of using your geyser safely. We will also touch upon the safety features of Racold electric instant geysers.

Why are Racold instant water heaters the safest?

Safety Care

At Racold, the safety and well-being of our customers are of topmost priority. Hence, we employ a host of advanced features in our instant water geyser to ensure safe usage. Here are some of them for your understanding:

Triple protection with thermostat, cutout, and safety valve

Thermometer Temperature Measure

While you may enjoy bathing with hot water, excessively hot water is neither safe for your body nor your water geyser. Hence, we equip all our electric instant geysers with features that ensure triple protection against high temperature.

Racold’s Pronto range of instant water geysers come with a stem-type thermostat. It enables automatic temperature control to prevent your water heater from overheating. If the water temperature is too high and reaches above 55 degrees Celsius, the thermostat breaks the power supply to the geyser and prevents mishaps.

In case the thermostat fails and the temperature continues to rise, the safety cutout comes into action and stops the flow of electric current to the geyser and switches it off. Thus, cutout offers a second level of protection by playing the role of a safety backup.

Now, let’s understand how the safety valve adds to your protection!

The pressure in your geyser may increase if you live in a high-rise building or certain other factors such as overheating or if high-pressure water is pumped through the inlet pipes. If the pressure rises beyond the withstanding capacity of the geyser, then the safety valve gets activated and releases the water to ensure complete protection. In this way, the safety valve safeguards the geyser against high pressure.

Anti-Syphon System

Back Flow not applicable

Imagine if there’s no water in the tank and it still keeps heating. Racold’s instant water geysers help you keep such problems at bay!

Dry heating is a phenomenon that takes place when there is no water in the tank. When the geyser's switch is on but there's no flow of water, it ends up hearing an empty tank. This may lead to the inner elements getting burnt. Thus, one should always ensure that the tank is filled with water after installing the geyser and then only switch on the geyser.
Dry heating can also occur if the tank becomes empty due to the backflow of water. Racold's Pronto Range comes with an Anti-Syphone System. It prevents the backflow of water from the tank and ensures that some amount of water is always present to avoid dry heating

The above-mentioned safety features are a testament to our commitment to your safety. To learn more about the safety and efficiency of Racold’s range of electric instant geysers, visit the product section of this website.

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