Why should you choose an electric instant water geyser

Why should you choose an electric instant water heater?

The choice between water heaters can be a difficult one. Today, the market offers various kinds of geysers namely storage and electric instant water heaters, solar, gas, and heat pump heaters. Electric instant water heaters from the house of Racold are ingrained with supreme technology and an impeccable design. But before we put forth reasons to opt for this water geyser, let’s look into the working of an electric instant water geyser.
Electric instant water heaters have a high-powered heating element and smaller tank capacities, compared to storage water heaters, which heats water within no time. These geysers are designed to enhance the look of your bathroom, adding to your bathing experience. Electric instant geysers are the ideal choice of geysers because you instantly get hot water without having to wait for it.
There are several reasons why an electric water geyser is the best option for your home. Read on as we have listed a few reasons:

  • Racold’s range of electric instant water heaters come with a high-power heating element that promises hot water in no time without using too much electricity.
  • Our range of water heaters are elegant Italian designs by Umberto Palermo with rare combination of technology and style. Owing to his influence, our products exude a rare combination of style and technology, thus adding a classy touch to your bathroom.
  • One needs to be careful while choosing a geyser because it is an electric product that you have to use every day. Pronto water geysers provide three levels of safety against high-temperature & pressure with cutout, thermostat and safety valve. This minimizes the risk level and ensures the highest level of safety.
  • An instant water geyser is compact and takes up lesser space that a traditional storage water heater. This means that it can seamlessly blend in with your bathroom aesthetics. It is also a great option for smaller bathroom spaces.
  • Electric instant water geysers from the house of Racold are extremely durable. They come with a warranty of 2 years on the product and a separate 5 years on the tank.

Racold’s range of electric instant water heaters are easily available online or at a store near you.


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