Decoding Common Myths of Solar Water Heating Systems

Decoding Common Myths of Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar hot water systems are one of the most economical and sustainable water heating solutions. And yet, they have not been able to gain as much popularity due to the various myths surrounding this category.

In this blog, we will help you to debunk some of the most popular myths about solar heating systems so that you get to know what a wonderful creation they truly are!

Myths of Solar Water Heating Systems

Myths of Solar Water Heating Systems

As the name suggests, solar hot water systems are powered by solar radiations that are available in abundance. Thus, they contribute to energy conservation and enable a huge amount of saving. Other than this, there are various other benefits of solar water systems that remain overshadowed by the myths. So, read on to decode the myths and explore the truth.

Myth 1: Solar water systems are only effective in summers.

Since solar geyser systems utilize the sun rays to function, it is often misconstrued that such water heaters cannot provide hot water during winters. However, that’s far from the truth! The fact is that solar collectors can absorb the sun rays from the atmosphere throughout the year. That means they are completely reliable to be used at home or for commercial applications as well.

In our Alpha range of solar geyser systems, we employ a high energy absorption vacuum tube of over 1800 mm to ensure greater efficiency. Hence, you can rely on its capability to heat water.

Myth 2: Solar heating systems are unaffordable.

solar water systems are not expensive

One of the major reasons why people tend to hold back from getting a solar water system is because they think it is expensive. Although it’s true that these water heaters indeed require a slightly high initial investment, their cost of operation is negligible.

Also, people generally overlook the fact that these geysers have a lifespan of up to 15-20 years. That means it proves to be worth it in the long run.

Our Omega range of solar heating systems is equipped with Magnesium Anode and Duronox technology to prevent corrosion and strengthen the durability of the tank. Thus, you can trust our products with their longevity.

Myth 3: Solar hot water systems aren’t safe to be used at home.

Reason why solar water heater systems are safe

As the solar heating systems are installed on the rooftop, people often get concerned about its safety. When in reality, solar water heaters are absolutely safe to be used at home.

Our Omega range of solar geyser systems is equipped with a Multifunctional safety valve that makes them the safest pick with pressure relief, non-return, anti-vacuum, and drainage function. That means you can trust our water heaters and use them without any worries.

Myth 4: Solar heating systems don’t contribute to savings.

Reason why solar water heater system helps in saving electricity bills

It is one of the biggest myths that solar hot water systems aren’t really helpful in saving money. Since these water heaters barely consume electricity, they reduce the costs drastically.

Owing to the heating efficiency and unique design, Racold solar water heating systems help you to generate up to 80 percent savings. Thus, they are one of the most pocket-friendly heating solutions for your home.

Now that you have decoded the myths and know the facts about solar geyser systems, feel free to visit the product page and check out our Alpha and Omega range of advanced solar water systems.

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