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Diwali Home Upgrades: The Ultimate Guide to Water Heater Types & Maintenance

As Diwali approaches, the excitement of sprucing up our homes for the festive season takes center stage. Amidst all the decorations and preparations, make sure to also upgrade your essential home appliances! One of the most practical and significant Diwali home upgrade ideas is installing a new water heater.

Imagine stepping into a warm, soothing shower on a chilly Diwali morning – blissful, isn't it? Let’s explore the world of water heaters, from types to installation, and ensure your Diwali home renovation is as comfortable as it is festive.

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Types of Water Heaters

When it comes to water heaters, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Understanding the different water heater types available is crucial before diving into your Diwali home renovation project. Here are the types of water heaters to explore:

Electric Storage Geyser

Omnis DG wi-fi electric storage geyser

Racold's electric storage geysers feature insulated tanks that store and heat water consistently. Suitable for larger families, they ensure a continuous supply of hot water. While they maintain a set temperature, they are energy-efficient, making them a reliable choice for everyday use.

Electric Instant Geyser

Altro I+ electric instant geyser

Electric instant geysers provide hot water instantly. These space-saving units heat water instantly as it flows through. Ideal for smaller spaces, they offer instant hot water whenever needed. Instant water heaters are especially suited for smaller families, couples and those who live alone. Instant geysers can also be used for hot water requirement in the kitchen.

Instantaneous Geyser

Aures 7.6 kw Instantaneous geyser

Instantaneous or tankless geysers provide on-demand hot water allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted hot shower. These ‘No Wait Water Heaters’ can provide instant hot water at multiple outlets simultaneously, at a consistent warmth with the help of high-power heating element.

Gas Geyser

Eco instantaneous gas geyser

Gas geysers use natural gas or LPG to heat water quickly and efficiently. These systems are perfect for homes with high hot water demands, offering fast heating capabilities. Safety precautions and proper ventilation are essential while installing a gas geyser.

Solar Geyser

Alpha pro Solar geyser

Racold's solar geysers harness solar energy to heat water, reducing reliance on electricity. Solar panels collect sunlight and transfer the heat to the water in the storage tank. Eco-friendly and energy-efficient, they're ideal for providing a consistent hot water supply.

Heat Pump Geyser

Domestic Heat pump

Racold's heat pump geysers extract heat from the surrounding air to warm the water. They are highly energy-efficient, using minimal electricity to heat the water in the tank. Suitable for all climates, these geysers ensure a constant supply of hot water while minimizing electricity consumption. Proper installation and ventilation are key for optimal performance.

Benefits of Water Heaters for Bathrooms

Water Heater Benefits

Installing a water heater in your bathroom offers a multitude of benefits. Besides the obvious advantage of enjoying a warm shower during the chilly Diwali season, water heaters promote hygiene by ensuring hot water for washing hands and face. They also aid in quick laundry, making your daily chores more convenient and efficient.

Selecting the Right Water Heater for Your Bathroom

Range of Racold Geysers

When selecting a water heater for your Diwali home renovation, consider factors like the size of your bathroom, the number of family members, and your budget. Instant water heaters are perfect for smaller bathrooms, while larger families might benefit from storage or heat pump water heaters. Always opt for energy-efficient water heaters like the ones from Racold, as they save you money in the long term and contribute to a greener environment.

Maintenance Tips

Water Heater Servicing

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your water heater functions efficiently for years. Here are some water heater maintenance tips:

1. Regular Flushing:

Over time, sediment can build up in the tank, affecting the heater’s efficiency. Periodically flush the tank to remove the sediment.

2. Check the Pressure Relief Valve:

Test the pressure relief valve annually to ensure it's functioning correctly. This valve prevents excessive pressure from building up inside the tank.

3. Insulate the Pipes:

Insulating the pipes connected to the water heater can help conserve heat and reduce energy wastage.

4. Set the Right Temperature:

Set the water heater temperature to a comfortable yet energy-efficient level, usually around 120°F (49°C).

5. Professional Check:

Get your geyser inspected by a professional to check technical aspects like anode health and formation of scaling which can affect the efficiency and longevity of the geyser.


Don't overlook the importance of a functional and efficient water heater when planning your Diwali home upgrade ideas, with Racold's range of efficient water heaters, you can pick your choice! By understanding the types of water heaters, selecting the right one for your needs, and following the water heater maintenance tips, you can ensure a cozy and comfortable Diwali season with Racold.

This Diwali, add a water heater to your Diwali home upgrade ideas and let your home renovation efforts shine as bright as the festival itself. Upgrade to a new water heater and experience the joy of luxurious warm showers, making your festive season not only vibrant but also incredibly comfortable.

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