Everything to know about the Omnis Water geyser by Racold

Everything to know about the Omnis Water Heater

Through the years, we at Racold have maintained our status as a pioneer in India's water heater industry thanks to our ability to adapt. We are constantly evolving with the changing times and needs of the generation and this is clearly seen in the innovation of our storage water heaters, instant water heaters, solar water heaters, gas water heaters and other state-of-the-art products. We have created a brand of smart water heaters that encompass the electric water heater and storage water heater segment. But what is this “smart” that we refer to?
When we talk of smart water heaters, we talk about the technology that the water heater employs. This superior water heater uses technology that learns your bathing patterns and preferences so as to make your experience an enjoyable one. One such storage water heater is the Omnis Wi-Fi Water Heater. Here, we have reinvented your hot showers in unimaginable ways. The Omnis range is ingrained with a technology that keeps you connected with it at all hours of the day. This makes it an important part of your home’s gadget ecosystem. It is equipped with India’s first Smart Control Technology – a combination of features like Wi-Fi Connect, Smart Bath Logic, Eco Function and Auto Diagnosis.
One of the best features is that it is Wi-Fi enabled. This feature lets you control your water heater from anywhere and anytime. More importantly, you can also customise your bath to shower or use a bucket, manage temperature, schedule weekly, get real-time updates and much more with the Racold Net App on your phone.
Racold has placed energy efficiency at the heart of its sustainable growth strategy and hence the Omnis Wi-Fi comes with a self-learning function that constantly optimises the water temperature by understanding your usage pattern. Omnis Wi-Fi’s another intelligent function - Smart Bath Logic, saves up to 30% electricity by optimising electricity when you customise your bath.
Apart from these smart features, the Omnis Wi-Fi is a durable storage water geyser too. It comes with a specially designed titanium steel tank with a titanium enamel coating and titanium enamel heating element that safeguards this water heater from corrosion. The advanced microprocessor of the Omnis Wi-Fi keeps all parameters in check for protection against electric shocks and prevents water from overheating as well as keeping the water heater from dry heating. The Omnis Wi-Fi is also super safe as it provides three levels of safety against high temperature and pressure with cut out, thermostat and safety valve.
All of these features together make this a smart water heater that gives you a personalized and innovative experience. Furthermore, the Racold Net app allows you to remotely control your water heater, receive notifications regarding its health and even gives you a quick glance at your energy consumption. So, take control of your hot showers and customize them like never before with a few clicks!

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