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Explore Racold's New Products: Features and Benefits Unpacked

Imagine stepping into a shower that greets you with the perfect temperature every time, or filling up your bathtub swiftly for a relaxing soak. Racold makes these dreams a reality with their cutting-edge water heaters, crafted with precision and built to last. For decades, Racold has been a pioneer in the world of hot water solutions, setting new standards in technology, performance, design, and water heater innovations. In this blog, we're your backstage pass to Racold’s latest releases, where we unravel the magic behind their newest creations.

So, if you're looking for a water heater for your home that not only provides hot water but elevates your daily routine, you're in the right place! Read on for a deep dive into the world of warmth, relaxation, and Racold’s water heater specifications.

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Racold’s New Releases

Let's explore the benefits of Racold water heaters, such as energy efficiency, quick heating, dependable performance, and discover the best water heater for bathroom! Here are a few of Racold’s latest products and their key features:


Omnis DG Wi-Fi

Omnis DG wi-fi storage water heater

The Omnis DG Wi-Fi makes controlling your water heater easy! Not only can you get hot water in minutes but this water heater also has smart features like voice control and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Moreover, you can also handle its controls using the Racold NET App. So, whether you are away from your bathroom or your home altogether, you can remotely control the Omnis DG Wi-Fi!

Omnis DG

Omnis DG storage water geyser

The Omnis DG comes with a digital touch control system that helps adjust your hot water to a precise temperature with the help of an easy-to-control and use, digital touchpad touch control. It also comes with an auto power-off feature that helps to schedule your water heater to turn off at a pre-set time. This not only helps save energy but is and also is a great safety feature to avoid any mishap (change it to positive)). The microprocessor based microprocessor-based chipset in the Omnis DG, with its auto-diagnosis functionality, continuously monitors and cuts off power in case of any malfunctioning and thus, prevents accidents. This model, therefore, definitely leads to water heater innovations.

Omnis RS

Omnis RS storage water heater

Give your bathroom an elegant upgrade with the Omnis RS. Simple to use and equipped with key safety features, this water heater is easy to use and adjust. The Children Care Mode ensures children around the house are safe while accessing hot water as a temperature can be pre-set on this water heater for children usage. The Flexomix technology in Omnis RS ensures that there is a consistent hot water supply for longer showers by avoiding direct mixing of hot and cold water in the water heater tank. Moreover, this water heater also comes with a Safety+, a triple-layer safety mechanism consisting of a thermostat, cutout, and safety valve. For optimal safety, Omnis RS is the best water heater for bathroom.

Omnis R

Omnis R storage water geyser

Efficiency meets safety in the sleek and BEE 5-star rated Omnis R, designed for effortless use and peace of mind. With its user-friendly design, adjusting the temperature is a breeze, allowing you to customize your hot water experience with ease. Worried about the little ones? Fear not, the Children Care Mode lets you preset the temperature, ensuring a safe hot water environment for your family. The Omnis R also boasts Flexomix technology, guaranteeing a continuous supply of hot water. Like the Omnis R, it comes with a triple-layer safety mechanism, comprising a thermostat, cutout, and safety valve, providing an extra layer of protection for you and your loved ones. It is one of the best water heaters for bathroom.


Altro i+

Altro i+ instant water heater

The Altro i+ is a powerhouse of efficient hot water delivery. Equipped with cutting-edge heating technology, this model offers lightning-fast heating coupled with unmatched customization options. Its user-friendly features, including the Smart LED Ring and Temperature Setting Knob, help you tailor your hot water experience effortlessly. The Smart LED Ring signals when your hot water is ready, eliminating unnecessary waiting time. Switch between the bath and kitchen modes seamlessly to meet your specific needs.

Altro i

Altro I instant water heater

Altro i combines reliability with style. With its triple-layer security, it stands as a trustworthy addition to your home. Its rapid heating capabilities make it ideal not just for bathrooms but also for kitchen use. Designed in Italy, this model effortlessly blends elegance with advanced technology, ensuring you receive the best in water heating.

Altro i DN

Altro i DN instant water heater

Discover unparalleled efficiency with the Altro i DN, a feature-packed addition to the Altro lineup. Specifically designed for areas with hard water, the Altro i DN incorporates Duronox technology, preventing tank corrosion and leakage, and ensuring longevity and reliability.

Boasting faster heating technology, it ensures quick access to hot water. The Safety Plus feature sets it apart, offering triple-layer protection through a thermostat, cutout, and safety valve, ensuring a stress-free hot water experience.

Altro i RS

Altro i Rs instant water geyse

For superior functionality without compromising on aesthetics, the Altro i RS takes the lead. Instant hot water, coupled with consistent availability, defines its performance. Featuring the trusted triple-layer security found in other Altro models and rapid heating technology, this model guarantees uninterrupted hot water, all while maintaining impeccable design standards. Experience the perfect blend of form and function with the Altro i RS – the ideal water heater for home


The features of Racold's new releases include cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, and quick heating, ensuring a superior and convenient experience. While choosing a water heater for home, you must look at multiple options to figure out which features will be most beneficial to you. Racold’s latest product range is equipped with advanced features to ensure optimal performance, and these water heaters are a reliable companion to any home and offers the best hot water solutions.

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