Heat Pump water heater in India that gives lifetime savings

Lifetime Savings, One-time Investment.

Today’s market has witnessed an influx of water heaters, each with a different operating mechanism. As a consumer, you are spoilt for choice between electric, solar, gas and heat pump water heaters. When it comes down to settling on a water geyser, important deciding factors are cost and energy efficiency. We at Racold, have committed ourselves to creating a greener future through our products. As we go on to creating such products, let’s draw your attention to one such water heater – the Heat Pump.
A heat pump is such a product that lets you save on energy thereby effectively bringing down your electricity bills. It uses electricity solely to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. This mechanism allows the heat pump water geyser to be more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters. In fact, a study revealed that heat pumps use an efficient technology that is able to cut the amount of electricity by half, thus saving a tremendous amount of money.
Racold’s range of heat pump water heaters have a COP (Co-efficient of performance) of 3.6, meaning that the energy produced in the form of hot water is 3.6 times more than that is consumed which means that you save around 70% of energy. This is made possible by several features that this water heater boasts of. It is equipped with a High-Efficiency Compressor that ensures faster heat exchange, more hot water, thus increasing savings. Additionally, it has an isolated safe condenser that is crafted to fit European standards. This condenser ensures safety and superior conduction of heat. This geyser’s quick heating element mode allows you to enjoy hot water instantly again reducing the amount of energy used.
All in all, the heat pump water geyser is a great buy. It is a one-time investment that ensures energy efficiency and reduced costs throughout its lifespan.

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