Omnis Storage water heater

How Smart geyser are revolutionizing home comfort and energy efficiency

What is technology? We believe technology has long been a driving force for human beings. It gives them the tools to push the boundaries of their knowledge and proficiency. It hints at what the future has in store for humans.

With each passing day, people get to witness new advancements and inventions in the world of technology that makes human life easier. Humans always strive for something new to offer to the world and make a difference in their lives as a whole.

The Omnis water heater by Racold is one such testament to the futuristic technology that has been developed to make human life easier. But what distinguishes Omnis from all the other water heaters available on the market and what really makes it an ideal geyser?

In this blog, we will highlight the features of Omnis - the smart geyser range from Racold.

Omnis storage water heater is fitted with advanced technological tools that make it a smart geyser. Equipped with India’s First* Smart Control Technology, a combination of high-tech features for personalised showers, ease of control and energy savings, places it on a pedestal above the rest of its competition.

Now let’s look at the features of the geyser and the reasons for you to upgrade your water heater:

The intelligent ‘Smart Bath Logic’ function

smart features in geyser

To start off the list of smart features in the advanced Omnis Wi-Fi geyser, let us take you through the futuristic feature of the Smart Bath Logic function.

With this storage water heater, you can customise your bathing experience by setting the desired amount of water by selecting the number of buckets or showers you need from the options of Smart Bath Logic. This function in turn helps you reduce power consumption and saves 30% energy, all while saving your precious time.

Now you can be relaxed and not worry about the fact that your water heater will run out of hot water because Omnis is not just a normal geyser, it is a smart geyser!

The ever-ready Wi-Fi Connect

geyser with wifi connectivity

Wi-Fi connect with a geyser, sounds futuristic in itself, right? Well, how about we tell you that now you can really connect with your geyser remotely!

This amazing feature comes in the Omnis Wi-Fi variant, you can control your geyser from anywhere and anytime using the Racold Net App. You can remotely control the temperature and schedule your baths from the app as it connects with the geyser online.

The app gives you notifications and real-time updates on hot water availability. You can also monitor electricity consumption on the Net App and save up to 30% on your power consumption.

This provides you with immense ease and control over your overall bathing experience. So, the hassle of preparing for your shower hours before the actual shower will be a thing of the past.

Auto Diagnosis Function

power consumption with auto diagnosis

What could be better than a water heater keeping care of itself? The Omnis water heater is equipped with an advanced microprocessor that keeps all the parameters in check for protection against electric shocks and an auto-off function in case the geyser breaks down. It also prevents overheating and dry heating of the water.

It ensures complete safety for your family through a microprocessor-based function.

You don’t have to worry about extremely hot water or running out of hot water when you bring home the Omnis geyser.

Sustainable Eco Function

eco friendly geyser

As the name suggests, this is a self-learning function in the Omnis geyser that constantly optimizes the water temperature by understanding your usage patterns. It also helps you to heavily save on your power consumption without compromising on comfort.

Through data analysis, it memorises your usage habits and acts accordingly in your future baths.

Flexomix Function

flexible flow function

This unique inlet flow function controls the system and helps to deliver energy efficiency by producing 10% more hot water than traditional water heaters by preventing cold water from mixing with the existing hot water in the tank. It is a great function that makes your water heater an efficient one.


Now that you’re aware of the endless smart qualities of the Omnis storage water heater, we suggest you head over to Racold’s website and explore more about this futuristic appliance.

Why stay in the past when you can experience the future? Bring home a Racold Omnis water heater today!

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