Revolutionizing Water Heating: Advanced Features and Energy Efficiency of the Omnis Range

Revolutionizing Water Heating: Advanced Features and Energy Efficiency of the Omnis Range

The Omnis range by Racold is a revolutionary line of storage water heaters that combines smart technology with eco-friendly design to offer users an unparalleled water heating experience. With its innovative features and emphasis on sustainability, the Omnis Range is setting new standards in the industry. Let's explore the various smart features of the Omnis Range and how its eco-friendly design is revolutionizing the water heating world.

Smart features in water heaters for enhanced performance

The latest Omnis Range offers a diverse lineup of storage water heaters, including the Omnis DG Wi-Fi, Omnis DG, Omnis R, and Omnis RS. Some of these model geysers are equipped with advanced features such as Electronic Smart Bath Logic, Auto Diagnosis, and Eco Function . Let's take a closer look at these water heater features and how they enhance the water heating experience.

Electronic Smart Bath Logic:

smart bath logic features

Electronic Smart Bath Logic is a feature that intelligently optimizes and customizes water heating based on usage. You can decide how much water is to be heated by selecting your preferred modes. This smart technology not only enhances user convenience but also contributes to energy savings.

Auto Diagnosis

auto diagnosis

The auto-diagnosis feature ensures that it continuously monitors and performs self-diagnosis to detect any potential issues or malfunctions in the water heater

Eco Function

eco function

The Eco Function of the Omnis Range further enhances its energy efficiency. This feature allows users to set the water heater to operate in eco mode, where it optimizes energy consumption without compromising on performance. By reducing energy consumption during off-peak hours or when hot water demand is low, the Eco Function helps users lower their energy bills while reducing their environmental footprint.

The combination of these smart features in water heater works in harmony to deliver an exceptional user experience. These features collectively elevate the water heater's performance to deliver an unparalleled level of comfort and efficiency.

Delve into the eco-friendly water heater design

eco friendly

The Omnis Range is not only distinguished by its smart water heater features but also by its eco-friendly design. This eco-conscious approach to design aligns with modern trends towards greener living and sustainable technology.

• Energy Efficiency

The Omnis Range is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Its smart features are specifically engineered to minimize energy consumption without sacrificing performance. This emphasis on energy efficiency not only benefits users by reducing their utility bills but also contributes to environmental sustainability by conserving energy resources.

• Reduced Carbon Footprint

By operating efficiently and conserving energy with best-in-class 5 star rating across all Omnis products, the Omnis Range helps users reduce their carbon footprint. The enrgy saving features aligns with global efforts to mitigate climate change by promoting sustainable practices. Users can enjoy the comfort of hot water while knowing that they are contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


With their smart features and eco-friendly design, these storage water heaters are setting a new standard for sustainability and efficiency. As consumers increasingly prioritize eco-friendly products, Racold’s range of energy efficient water heaters stand out as a leader in providing a greener and more efficient water heating solution. By choosing the Omnis Range, users can enjoy the benefits of advanced water heater features while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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