Top Five Things you can do with a Wi-Fi Geyser

Top Five Things you can do with a Wi-Fi Geyser

In this modern day and age, almost all your home appliances are smart. You have a smart TV, a smartphone, and even a smartwatch. Then why should you miss out on a smart geyser?

A smart geyser is a technologically advanced water heater that elevates your bathing experience. It is power-packed with smart features that empower you to take control of your showers.

In this blog, we will get you acquainted with smart geysers and elaborate on their benefits. We will also introduce you to the Racold Omnis Wi-Fi geyser and its unique features. So, let’s get started!

Introduction to the Omnis Wi-Fi Geyser

The Omnis Wi-Fi geyser is an electric storage water heater equipped with state-of-the-art features. These smart features enable energy-saving and ease of convenience.

The Omnis Wi-Fi geyser is a strategically designed water heating unit that not only upgrades your showers but also beautifies your bathroom with its elegant design. It is available in 25 litres and 15litres capacity. Thus, it is suitable for families with five members or more.

Top five things you can do with the Omnis Wi-Fi Geyser

The Omnis Wi-Fi geyser is equipped with unique Smart Control Technology that allows you to take control of your showers and perform various actions to enhance your bathing experience. Here are the top five things you can do with this smart geyser

1. Customize your showers

The Omnis Wi-Fi geyser has an intelligent Smart Bath Logic feature that encourages you to personalize your showers. This implies that you can select the amount of water to be heated and even adjust the water temperature as per your requirement.


2. Remotely control your geyser

After a long day at work, what’s the first thing you need? That’s right, a hot shower. With the Omnis Wi-Fi geyser, you can control your geyser remotely at anytime using the Racold Net app. This means you can connect with your geyser while returning from the office and make sure the hot water is ready when you reach home.

3. Generate greater savings

Did you know that water heating accounts for approximately 20 percent of your total electricity consumption? With the Omnis Wi-Fi geyser, you need not worry about your bills. It comes with an Eco Function feature that learns your bathing pattern and optimizes temperature to save energy. Besides that, its Smart Bath Logic further contributes to reduced electricity consumption by enabling personalised showers. In fact, this smart geyser is so energy-efficient that it has been given a five-star rating by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

4. Ensure maximum safety

A water heater involves the use of high temperatures and electricity. Thus, safety is a major concern. The Omnis Wi-Fi geyser is ingrained with a Safety Plus feature that ensures three levels of safety against high temperature and pressure. This smart geyser is also equipped with the Auto Diagnosis feature that has advanced microprocessors to self-diagnose faults and issues in working of the geyser . Thus, this geyser assures complete safety of your family.


5. Improve the durability

Once you install the Omnis Wi-Fi geyser in your home, you can be assured about it for years. Its inner tank has been treated with the Titanium Plus Technology that safeguards your geyser against corrosion and ensures a longer lifespan. With this product, you also get a seven-year warranty on the inner tank.

Like the other areas of your life, you can also take control of your hot showers. Install the Omnis Wi-Fi smart water heater in your bathroom and allow it to redefine your bathing experience. Visit the product section of this website to check it out now.

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