Technologically advanced water heater in India

Which water heater is more technologically advanced?

We live in a world that is driven by technology. When you crave a dish, you simply order it by clicking a few buttons on your phone. If you need to go somewhere, you can arrange your travel simply through your phone. So, while all your gadgets make your life easier, shouldn’t your geyser do the same?
The water heaters that we create are technologically supreme and are designed to suit your bathroom aesthetics. When you have a smart home with voice assistants that dim down the lights and set alarms to remind you to complete a task, it’s only natural that your bathroom space is in keeping with the rest of your home. So today, we’ll introduce you to our products that are ingrained with the best of technology to suit your every need.
The first step is to familiarize yourself with the types of water heaters available in the market. We have various kinds of geysers, namely, storage and instant water heaters, solar, gas, and heat pumps. Of these, storage water heaters and instant water heaters are the most common. These water heaters are extremely efficient as they come with many features that help you save electricity and customize your bathing experience. One such electric water heater is the newly launched Omnis water heater.
The Omnis water heater from the house of Racold is one of the most advanced electric water heaters. What makes this geyser special is its Smart Control Technology. Let us explain this in detail. Smart Control Technology is a combination of high-tech features like Smart Bath Logic, Auto Diagnosis, Wi-Fi Connect and Eco Function. The beauty of this technology is that it has changed the way water heaters function. Eco Function and Smart Bath Logic study the user’s behavior, usage and optimizes the water temperature in accordance to it. The Wi-Fi Connect feature lets you schedule baths from a bucket or shower to weekly and temperature scheduling. All these features enable you to save up to 30% more electricity on your bill.
With the Wi-Fi function you can now connect with your electric water heater no matter where you are and turn it on or off. But more importantly, you can customize your bathing experience, pre-set the temperature, give you notifications about the health of your geyser and also how much energy you have saved - all within a few clicks on your smart phone. Besides this, you will also receive updates about your energy consumption, notifications about any malfunctions and so much more. All you have to do is download the Racold Net App and this gives you complete access to your water heater. Another feature called the Auto Diagnosis keeps your water heater in check. Every Omnis water heater is ingrained with an advanced microprocessor that protects you against electric shocks and also automatically shuts off your water heater in case of a malfunction. We have added another feature to promise safety called the Safety Plus feature. This feature works to keep you and your family safe against high temperature and pressure.
Besides being a water heater with many features, it is one that is durable too. With the help of Titanium Plus Technology, we have designed a titanium steel tank with titanium enamel coating and titanium enamel heating element that protects your water heater against corrosion thus giving it a superior withstanding capacity.
With new technology comes reduced waiting time and this is the same for Racold’s Aures instant water heater. Popularly known as the No Wait Water Heater, it lets you enjoy instant hot water with zero waiting time due to its high-powered heating element. While promising an instant supply of hot water, the Aures water heater also delivers consistent warmth. It is designed to have no fluctuations in the temperature for a seamless bathing experience. What makes this water heater even better is that it is super compact and it fits seamlessly into any modern bathing space. If you have a large family that requires hot water at multiple outlets, this water heater is for you as it is built to deliver instant hot water at multiple outlets simultaneously.
All of these functions packed into a water heater that meets several needs certainly sets this innovative geyser a class apart, thus giving you a personalized showering experience.

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