Hot Showers vs Cold Showers

Why should you prefer a hot water shower over a cold one before going to bed?

After a busy day of work and chaos, all one needs is to turn on the hot water geyser and get some alone time to unwind and relax. A hot shower helps you relax your muscles before going to sleep while a cold shower refreshes your body for better sleep. Having a hot water shower has now become more convenient than ever with various options of geysers online. This blog will thus talk about a few reasons why a hot water shower is better than a cold one before going to bed.

Improves Sleep Quality

Improves Sleep Quality

Taking hot showers one hour before you go to bed helps in improving the quality of your sleep. This is because hot water releases stress, and therefore it de-stresses your body, helping you fall asleep easily and quickly. The Racold electric geyser is a great appliance to use if you plan on getting optimum heating for the perfect shower.

Improves Health

Improves health

Hot water showers improve blood circulation, helping you feel better internally and externally. When you have a hot shower before going to sleep, it may also help in lowering your blood pressure and further the risk of having a cardiac arrest. So for improved health and an improved bathing experience, invest in the right geyser water heater.

Have healthier skin

healthy skin

A good hot water shower opens up your pores, clearing up built-up dirt and bacteria. A good hot water shower followed by a healthy skincare routine is the perfect recipe for glowing acne-free skin. So turn on your geyser water heater and jump in for clear skin!

Makes you feel better

Feeling good

The therapeutic effects of hot water are phenomenal. A hot shower relaxes your mind and gives you mental clarity. This is also one of the reasons why many people meditate in showers. The soothing atmosphere is ideal for the mind to pause, reflect and relax. Racold’s instant water geyser for your bathroom is a great mix of style and sense, making them the best option for the ideal showering experience.

Reduces Headaches

Cures headaches

Hot water relaxes the constricted blood vessels near our brain, helping them relax and giving a massaging effect to the head while showering. The alleviation of pressure on those constricted blood vessels cures headaches.

Relieves cold or fever

Relieves cold or fever

Hot water decongests the body of phlegm, opening up the nose and throat when suffering from a cold. This is because steam loosens up the phlegm, helping it release from your body and giving you a clear nose and throat.

Moisturizes Skin

Moisturizes your Skin

Hot water leaves the skin moist for a long time preventing it from drying and building cracks easily. This makes hot water an easy and natural remedy for moisturization in comparison to other chemical-based moisturizers. An instant water geyser for the bathroom is thus your way to achieve soft and supple skin while taking a shower!

Relieves muscle tension and period cramps

Relieves muscle pain

Hot water from a hot water geyser relieves muscle and menstrual-related cramps as it relaxes the muscles, giving a soothing effect.

Lowers blood sugar

helps to lowering blood sugar

A geyser for bathroom is now the ideal appliance to have as hot water. It also helps in lowering blood sugar and burning calories. It burns as many calories as a half an hour walk. So now, along with a relaxing bath, you can also keep yourself fit.


Now that you know the benefits of having a hot water shower, check out options via which you can heat up the water. Racold has a range of options when it comes to heating water, from electric geysers to solar water heaters. Racold water heaters are energy efficient and stylish, so don’t wait any longer, visit our website and explore the world of buying water heaters and geysers online!

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