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Aures 5.5KW Instantaneous Water Heater - Racold

Aures 5.5 kW

Instant Water Heater/Geyser

Presenting Aures – The No Wait Water Heater by Racold. Now enjoy instant hot water with zero waiting time, all thanks to high powered heating element. For those who hate to wait, Aures provides uninterrupted hot water, no matter how long you choose to bathe.

Equipped with advanced technology, so that you get consistent temperature for a seamless shower experience. Its super compact design fits perfectly in modern bathing space, with a stylish finish to complement your interior décor. For multiple bathrooms and even kitchen, Aures is built to deliver instant hot water at multiple* outlets simultaneously.

So, why wait? Choose Aures, because bathrooms shouldn’t be waiting rooms. Experience the power of a hot shower with Racold and be reborn every day.

*Assuming inlet water temperature and outlet flow rate remain constant.

Power [kW]

  • Lightning Fast Heating

    High powered heating element that provides hot water instantaneously.

  • Continuous Hot Water

    Experience uninterrupted hot water no matter how long you choose to bathe.

  • Consistent Warmth

    No fluctuation in temperature for a seamless bathing experience.

  • Super Compact And Lightweight Design

    Utilitarian design for modern urban bath spaces with a super compact build that takes the least space on your wall.

  • Multipoint Usage

    Suitable for simultaneous use in multiple bathrooms or even kitchen. *Multi Point Usage is when one product caters to multiple outlet connections, subject to structural and architectural suitability.