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Andris Uno

Andris Uno

Andris Uno is a masterpiece conceptualized specially by the renowned Italian designer Umberto Palermo, crafted perfectly compact to suit your design needs.

Equipped with Titanium Plus Technology, Andris Uno provides high durability and superior withstanding capacity making it a perfect choice for your bathroom.

Available in Sandy color as well.

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  • Titanium Plus

    Specially designed Titanium steel with titanium enamel coating gives the tank high durability and superior withstanding capacity.

  • Italian Design

    Exudes a rare combination of design with style.

  • PUF Insulation

    Ensures retention of internal heat and temperature, resulting in better energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills.

  • Safety Plus

    Three levels of safety against high temperature and pressure, provided by thermostat, cut-out and multi-function safety valve.

  • Flexomix

    Unique inlet flow controls the system to deliver energy efficiency by producing 10% more hot water.