The water heater is an appliance that has become a standard part of the Indian household. Racold has and continues to be a forerunner in the industry, it is in fact, India’s largest water heater manufacturer and includes the likes of the heat pump water heater, storage water heater and solar water heater models amongst its vast range of products.

Racold has been perfecting their products by introducing smarter innovations to the existing water heater/geyser technology and redefining the device to comply with today’s eco-standards.


Innovation in Water Heating Technology

Racold’s water heaters feature award Winning technology infused with Italian styling and space saving designs. They’re further enhanced with state-of-the-art materials to extend their lifespan and a range of safety functions. All of which combined, make Racold a premier choice for a water heater in India.

Dubbed Ti-Tec, Racold’s line of hot water heaters are built using a special titanium enamelled heating element that’s designed to provide the product with better protection and thus prolong its lifespan.

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A Leading Range of Water Heaters and Geysers

Racold’s path-breaking developments in the water heater and Hot Water geyser segment include high-end features and functionality delivering only the best product range to Indian consumers. Features like Anti-Bacteria filters, remote control operation, energy saving and high-safety solutions along with easy to access nationwide after-sales service and support are all part of our company’s philosophy.

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Switch2Green Initiative

In 2014, Racold won two prestigious awards for its “Switch2Green” initiative - a strategic solution designed to strengthen Racold Thermo’s credentials as an organization striving for energy efficiency and conservation.


Smarter Hot Geysers for India

As a preferred choice for customers across India who have made us the No.1 water heater brand, Racold, as a leader in water heater manufacturing, is always looking to up our game and push the boundaries of geyser technology with smarter and more inventive options.



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