India's Largest Water Heating Solutions Provider

Through the years Racold has maintained its status as the frontrunner in India's waterheater industry thanks to our tenacity to adapt. We are constantly evolving with the changing needs of the generation and this is clearly seen in the innovation of our solar water heaters, gas water heaters and other state-of-the-art products. Being the recipient of the BEE Energy Award for 4 years in a row and multiple MNRE awards over the last few years alone, cements our status as the country's largest water heating solutions provider.

The initiative to harness the power of the sun helps reduce one's carbon footprint. In addition, our consideration of the rise in households that use gas pipelines reduces the dependency on electricity. These new and improved water heater geysers use state-of-the-art materials and a range of safety functions for both our commercial water heater range as well as those for households. It is this versatile and diverse product range of hot water geysers that make us the country's definitive supplier of water heating solutions today.

India's Most Trusted Brand for Water Heaters

The water heater is an appliance that finds a place in every Indian household. Even with the substantial size of the Indian market and a long list of other geyser manufacturers, Racold proves, time and again, that they are at the forefront of the water heater/geyser market. By winning multiple awards with strategically designed, energy efficient solutions, we've cemented our position as India's largest water heating solutions provider that's trusted by the entire nation.

We are consistently pushing the boundaries of water heater/ geyser technology and upping our game with smarter solutions; we aim for sustainability and constant innovation. Our range of products comply with today's eco-standards, high-performance requirements and provide cutting edge features and thus, enable us to always be considered thought leaders in the field of water heating solutions. It is this expertise and drive that gives Racold the winning edge to find new and improved water heater solutions and positions us firmly, as industry leaders.


Innovation in Water Heating Technology

Racold’s water heaters feature award Winning technology infused with Italian styling and space saving designs. They’re further enhanced with state-of-the-art materials to extend their lifespan and a range of safety functions. All of which combined, make Racold a premier choice for a water heater in India.

Dubbed Ti-Tec, Racold’s line of hot water heaters are built using a special titanium enamelled heating element that’s designed to provide the product with better protection and thus prolong its lifespan.

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The Leading Range of Water Heaters and Geysers

Racold's path-breaking developments in the water heater and hot water geyser segment include high-end features and functionality, delivering only the best product range to Indian consumers. Our geysers include features like anti-bacterial filters, remote control operation as well as energy saving and high-safety solutions. This, along with easy to access nationwide after-sales service for our hot water geysers, is all part of what makes Racold the most trusted water heater brand in India.

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Switch2Green Initiative

In 2014, Racold won two prestigious awards for its “Switch2Green” initiative - a strategic solution designed to strengthen Racold Thermo’s credentials as an organization striving for energy efficiency and conservation.


Smarter Water Heater Technology

Racold's water heaters feature award-winning technology infused with Italian styling and space saving designs. Our line of hot water heaters are built usinga special titanium enamelled heating elementdubbed Ti-Tec. This is specifically designed to provide the product with better protection and in turn, prolong the lifespan of our hot water geysers. Other features like programmable timers to preset your water heater before you're actually ready to bathe; remote control access for ease of use; and eco-sense, India's first intelligent power saver feature, truly make Racold's geysers the water heaters of tomorrow.

Our water heating solutions cater to all requirements; from creating a statement in terms of design to trendy technology that is both safety oriented as well as upbeat.



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