Eterno Intello

Eterno Intello

Looking for ways to make your mornings less hectic and more efficient? With Racold Eterno Intello's Programmable Timer that lets you pre-set the time and temperature for your water every morning, give a smart start to your day!

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  • High Pressure Resistance

    Its high pressure withstanding capacity (8 Bar) makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and high pressure pump applications.

  • Intelligent Timer

    It helps you keep hot water ready at the time and temperature required everyday.

  • Smart Bath Logic

    The intelligent “Smart Bath Logic” function empowers you to customize your bathing requirement, thus saving precious electricity.*

  • Eco Sense

    Introducing India’s first intelligent power saver feature that sounds an alert when water heater is ON but not in use.

  • 5 Star Saving

    A 5-star rated product. It has a high-density & thick PUF that ensures energy eciency and reduced electricity bills.

  • Ti-Tec

    Special titanium enameled heating element gives better protection and longer life

  • SPHP

    Unique polymer protective coating technology for inner container resists corrosion from hard water.

  • Smart Mix

    Efficient water mixing system to save power & ensure you get more hot water.