At Racold, we believe that safety is the most important factor in choosing any gas water heater. Racold’s instantaneous gas water heaters come with a double solenoid valve that ensures double safety. Its constant feedback ensures continuous supply of hot water. If the water pressure varies, its auto-timer automatically switches off the water heater after every 20 minutes of continuous operation.

  • Double Safety - Advanced safety feature with two solenoid valves.
  • Child-Lock - Added feature for protecting children against accidents.
  • High Heating Efficiency – 85% heating efficiency ensures greater savings through maximum heating efficiency.

Product: 2 years

MRP: ₹. 6580

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Racold's LED gas water heater specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

The gas water heater is available in 6 LPM (LPG LED) and 6 LPM (Natural Gas – LED) capacities.

Yes, Racold’s gas water heater comes with a Child-Lock feature to protect children from accidents.

Yes, Racold’s gas water geysers are available with a digital display panel for temperature reading.

Racold’s gas water heater is available in white colour.

This gas water heater has a feature to adjust its temperature as per weather conditions. It customises your water temperature as per the weather.

Racold instantaneous gas water heaters come with a double solenoid valve which ensures double safety*. It also comes with an added feature for child safety. It has a built-in safety against gas leaks. Together, these features make Racold’s gas water heater safe and suitable for homes. (*We recommend to install the product in well-ventilated areas to protect from any accident)


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