Safety-First Water Heating: Exploring Racold’s Safety Plus Technology

Safety-First Water Heating: Exploring Racold’s Safety Plus Technology

When it comes to water heating, safety is a non-negotiable aspect. Racold, a leading brand in the water heating industry, understands this well. That's why Racold has introduced the Safety Plus Technology in its geysers. This technology is designed not only to elevate safety standards but also to provide users with a worry-free water heating experience, making it a prime example of advanced water heater safety measures. Let's take a closer look at this technology, and the safety features it offers.

Understanding Safety Plus Technology

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Safety Plus Technology is a comprehensive safety system integrated into specific models of Racold geysers. This advanced water heater technology incorporates multiple safety features that work in tandem to ensure safe and efficient water heating. These features include overheat protection, leakage prevention mechanisms, and advanced safety measures designed to minimize the risk of accidents during operation.

Let's delve deeper into the three water heater safety measures and the components that make up this advanced technology.

Functional Thermostat:

One of the key components of this technology is the functional thermostat . This feature is designed to monitor the temperature of the water inside the heater. In the event of the water temperature exceeding the pre-set or default temperature, the functional thermostat cutout automatically shuts off the power supply to prevent overheating

Safety Valve:

Another crucial element is the safety valve. This valve is a pressure relief device that is integrated into the water heater. In case of excessive pressure build-up inside the tank, which can occur due to factors like overheating or a malfunctioning component, the safety valve releases the excess pressure, thereby preventing any potential hazards such as tank rupture or explosion.

Safety Cutout:

If the functional thermostat fails and the temperature keeps rising, the safety cutout gets activated, halting the electric current to the geyser and shutting it down. This cutout serves as a secondary safety measure, providing an additional layer of protection to the user.

These safety features are a testament to Racold's commitment to innovation and safety.

Benefits of Racold’s Safety Plus technology


• Enhanced Reliability:

The Racold models featuring this technology are renowned for their reliability. Users can trust these water heaters to consistently deliver hot water while maintaining the highest safety standards. This reliability ensures that users have a dependable source of hot water for their daily needs.

• Extended Lifespan:

By minimizing the risk of accidents and malfunctions, it contributes to the longevity of the water heater. This extended lifespan ensures that users can benefit from their Racold water heater for many years, making it a durable and cost-effective investment in their home.

• Reduced Maintenance:

These advanced safety features reduce the likelihood of issues that may require maintenance or repairs. This not only saves users time and money but also minimizes any inconvenience associated with water heater maintenance.


Racold's Safety Plus Technology, demonstrates the brand's unwavering focus towards water heater safety. By integrating advanced safety features into its water heaters, Racold has set a new standard for safety in the industry. With such advanced technology, Racold continues to provide safe water heating solutions without compromising on performance, ensuring that users can enjoy a worry-free water heating experience.

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