At Racold, we create products that are long lasting and efficient. The all new CDR Dlx water heater is the latest addition to Racold’s world class range of products. It features Titanium Plus technology with titanium enamel coating which provides high durability and superior withstanding power making it a 3-star energy efficient water heater

  • Titanium Plus - The electric storage water heater has a titanium enamel coating on tank that provides extreme protection from corrosion, durability, compression and pressure resistance.
  • Smart Guard – A special anode used with the heat element employs an electrolytic process that protects it from corrosion. This greatly enhances the life of our products.
  • Rust Proof - Rust proof body to prevent corrosion leaving no room for rust, ensuring its longer life.
  • Inner Tank: 5 years
  • Product: 2 years
  • Heating Element: 2 years

Rating: 3 Star Rating

MRP: 10749.00000 ₹. 10749

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Color Options:

10 L 10749 3 Star Rating / Horizontal Wall Mounting
10 L 10149 3 Star Ratings / Vertical Wall Mounting
15 L 11899 4 Star Ratings / Horizontal Wall Mounting
15 L 11249 5 Star Ratings / Vertical Wall Mounting
25 L 13549 4 Star Ratings / Horizontal Wall Mounting
25 L 12949 5 Star Ratings / Vertical Wall Mounting
35 L 15099 3 Star Ratings / Horizontal Wall Mounting
35 L 14549 5 Star Ratings / Vertical Wall Mounting
CDR DLX Storage Water Heater Specification

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the CDR Dlx has a high-pressure withstanding capacity of 8 bars that make it suitable for high-rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications.

The CDR Dlx is available in 10L, 15L, 25L and 35L in both vertical as well as horizontal models.

This water heater is equipped with not one, but three levels of safety against high temperature & pressure. This is made possible through a high-tech adjustable thermostat, cutout & multi-function safety valve that conform to international standards.

 The super polymer coating in the CDR tank ensures no contamination whatsoever, thus supplying hygienic water for years.

Our specially designed titanium enamel coating provides extreme protection against corrosion, compression and high pressure,thereby making this electric storage water heater durable.

Yes, free pipes and installation are available with the purchase of CDR Dlx from Racold's authorized dealers.


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