With the new Omnis Lux Plus, we have made your hot showers smarter and healthier. The Omnis Lux Plus lets you personalize your baths and saves energy with a combination of high-tech features like Smart Bath Logic, Auto Diagnosis and Eco Function. Additionally, unique Silver Ion technology actively stops proliferation of bacteria to provide you clean and healthy water for bath.

  • Smart Bath Logic - The intelligent 'Smart Bath Logic' function in this electric storage water heater empowers you to customize your bathing requirement. This means that you can pre-set the temperature of your water and much more. This also allows you to save precious electricity.
  • Auto Diagnosis - Ingrained with an advanced microprocessor, our technologically driven water heater allows for an auto diagnosis of the heater to ensure the complete safety of your family.
  • Silver Ion Technology – We believe in providing best value to our customers. Driven by this notion, we have created the Silver Ion Technology that provides absolutely healthy and clean water for you and your family by actively avoiding proliferation of bacteria.
  • Product: 2 years
  • Heating element: 4 years
  • Inner Tank: 7 years

Rating: 5 Star

MRP: 16649.00000 ₹. 16649

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Frequently Asked Questions

Omnis Lux Plus’ Silver Ion Technology function actively stops bacteria proliferation to provide healthy hot water.

Yes, the Smart Bath Logic Function of the Omnis Lux Plus heats up only the desired amount of hot water and lets you choose between a shower or a bucket bath and saves energy and time. You can also select the number of buckets or showers required as per the desired amount of hot water.

The Omnis Lux Plus is loaded with energy-saving features like Smart Bath Logic, Eco function and thick PUF insulation which gives huge energy saving compared to conventional water heaters. Omnis has unique Eco Function which constantly learns your usage habits and optimizes the temperature accordingly to save energy without compromising on comfort.

The Omnis Lux Plus is available in silver panel colour.

The Omnis Lux Plus is available in 10L, 15L and 25L capacities.


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