Racold's new ODS ECO+ Gas water heater (LED) ensures maximum safety through double solenoid valve, child-lock and an oxygen depleting sensor for proper air circulation. This gas water heater is available in LPG for 6 litres, and it fits well with all family requirements. This LED Gas water heater comes with a hi-tech digital display panel that allows you to read the temperature of your hot water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This gas water heater can be obtained in 6 LPM (LPG) capacity.

Yes, Racold’s gas water geyser includes a child-lock to safeguard children against mishaps.

This gas geyser comes with a digital display to help you view the temperature of hot water.

Racold’s gas water heater functions at a water heating efficiency of 85% that contributes to greater savings by leveraging energy-efficiency.

Racold’s instant gas water geyser is well-suited for areas with low water pressure.

Racold’s gas water heater comes in white colour.


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