• Ariston

Omega MAX 8 Solar Water Heaters

Omega Max 8

Omega MAX 8 solar water heater has a special Air Release Valve with Vacuum Release Function that releases air and avoids vacuum buildup, thus protecting the life of the water tank.

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  • Duronox

    Specially treated Duronox SS 304 L tank ensures durability and resistance against corrosion.

  • MAX 8

    High pressure withstanding capacity (up to 8 bar) makes it suitable for pressurized applications.

  • Warranty

    The product comes with a 5 year guarantee assuring a dependable service.

  • Rust Proof Body

    Zinc Allu sheet is used to increase durability and for stronger outer body.

  • Multifunction Safety Valve

    Multi-function Safety Valve makes solar water heater the safest with pressure relief, non-return, anti-vacuum and drainage function.

  • PUF Insulation

    High-density injected PUF insulation ensures maximum heat retention. PUF with insulation properties is twice as effective as any other insulation material.

  • Magnesium Anode

    Magnesium sacrifical anode protects tank from corrosion by forming a layer of magnesium on the inner tank.

  • Unique Design

    Italian design screwless collector with textured glass and water proof collector body with high structural strength for dependable performance and high durability.