Alpha Pro

As one of India’s leading solar water heater manufacturer, Racold has created a range of solar water heaters that use a high energy absorption vacuum tube of over 1800mm length, which ensures optimum energy absorption and high efficiency.

  • Smart Float – The solar water heater has a unique float valve tech patented by Racold that eliminates long air vents to ensure safe usage, particularly in high wind velocity areas.
  • Suitable For Hard Water – The solar water heater is suitable for hard water applications up to 1000 PPM, 500 Chloride and 6.5 to 7.5 pH.
  • High Energy Absorption Vacuum Tube – As a leading solar water heater manufacturer our Vacuum Tubes are designed keeping the international standards in mind, ensuring optimum energy absorption and higher efficiency.
  • Tank: 5 years
  • Float: 2 years
  • Stand: 1 year

Rating: NA

MRP: ₹. 27500

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Color Options:

100 LPD 17500 NA Ground Placement
150 LPD 22500 NA Ground Placement
200 LPD 27500 NA Ground Placement
250 LPD 34000 NA Ground Placement
300 LPD 41000 NA Ground Placement
Racold Alpha Pro solar water heater dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

Racold’s Alpha Pro comes with a strong and durable outer body which is rustproof.

Yes, Racold’s Alpha Pro solar geysers have a specially treated inner container to ensure resistance against corrosion.

The Alpha Pro comes with a unique float valve which eliminates long air vents to ensure safe usage mainly in high wind areas.

Yes, Racold’s Alpha Pro is suitable for hard water.

Racold’s Alpha Pro has a unique design, low maintenance, and blends seamlessly with your bathroom's aesthetics.

Racold’s solar water heater is UV resistant, non-corrosive, and durable and protects from chlorides in water. These solar water heaters have a higher efficiency, longer life, double safety as compared to other solar heaters.


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