Racold's all-new CDR Dlx Plus storage geyser has a knob to control the water temperature and a temperature display to view it. With a 5-star energy efficiency rating, this storage water geyser helps you generate greater savings!  

This geyser is available in 10L/15L/25L/35L capacity. 

  • Temperature control & Display - The knob allows you to control the water temperature, which can be viewed on the temperature display.
  • Titanium Plus - Titanium enamel coating on the tank and heating element provides corrosion resistance, compression resistance, and pressure resistance.
  • Smart Guard – A special anode is used in combination with the heating element that uses an electrolytic process to protect it against corrosion, extending its lifespan.
  • Product: 2 years 

  • Heating Element: 3 years 

  • Inner Tank: 7 years 

Energy Rating: 5 Star


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MRP: 11749.00000 ₹. 11749

Color Options:

*As per BEE Rating valid from 01-01-2023 to 31-12-2025

35 L 18,399 5 Star Rating https://d1y6v4ds4mu1po.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/2023-07/55x31.png Vertical Wall Mounting
25 L 14,449 5 Star Rating https://d1y6v4ds4mu1po.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/2023-07/55x31_0.png Vertical Wall Mounting
15 L 12,899 5 Star Rating https://d1y6v4ds4mu1po.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/2023-07/55x31_1.png Vertical Wall Mounting
10 L 11,749 5 Star https://d1y6v4ds4mu1po.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/2023-07/55x31_3.png Vertical Wall Mounting
10 L 12,349 3 Star https://d1y6v4ds4mu1po.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/2024-01/3star_1.png Horizontal Wall Mounting
15 L 13,449 4 star https://d1y6v4ds4mu1po.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/2024-01/4star.jpeg Horizontal Wall Mounting
25 L 15,049 4 Star https://d1y6v4ds4mu1po.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/2024-01/4star_0.jpeg Horizontal Wall Mounting
35 L 18,999 3 star https://d1y6v4ds4mu1po.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/2024-01/3star_2.png Horizontal Wall Mounting

Titanium Plus

Titanium enamel coating on the tank and heating element provides durability and protection from corrosion, compression, and pressure

Temperature Display

It enables you to view the water temperature.

Temperature Control Knob

It allows you to control and adjust the water temperature as per your needs. 

High Pressure Resistance

Its high pressure withstanding capacity (8 Bars) makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and high-pressure pump application

Smart Guard

A special anode used with the heating element employs an electrolytic process that protects the heating element from corrosion, thus greatly enhancing its life.


The thermostat, cutout, and safety valve provide three layers of protection against high temperature and pressure. 


Product: 2 years
Heating element: 2 years
Inner Tank: 7 years


The unique inlet flow controls the system and helps to deliver energy efficiency by producing 10% more hot water than traditional water heaters.



Product: 2 years 


Frequently Asked Questions

The tank and heating element in the CDR Dlx Plus is treated with titanium enamel coating, which protects it against corrosion, compression, and high pressure. This storage geyser also comes with Smart Guard, a sacrificial anode used in combination with the heating element. It uses an electrolytic process to protect the heating element against corrosion, thus extending its lifespan.

Yes, the thermostat, cutout, and safety valve provide three levels of protection against high temperature and pressure.

The CDR Dlx comes with a temperature display that helps you view the water temperature. 

The CDR Dlx Plus comes in white with grey domes. 

This geyser is available in 10L/15L/25L/35L capacity. 


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